Tuesday, 31 May 2011

William Morris fabric.

My visit to the optometrist this morning resulted in a tune up (and new arm covers) for my old glasses and no need to spend $100s on new glasses.
So... as I passed the Clothshop on my way home I decided to treat myself to 10cm of what ever I liked best in the shop.
I came home with a sliver of this William Morris inspired fabric. I love them all but this one will go best with the 'scrapy kaleidoscope that I'm paper piecing triangles for.

Monday, 30 May 2011

A quick quilt (theoretically)

So I know that I enjoy short sharp projects but the problem is that I'm normally too ambitious for them to end up quick.

I enjoyed the coin quilts I saw on the web and had this soft grey flannel material that I loved for a baby wrap. The piece I had left wasn't big enough on it's own I had to work hard to get the design right to make the wrop sized quilt big enough (I did not have one rectangle left over!).

So here's the finished product.

And here's it hanging on my 'design wall' (the quilt on my dinning room wall).
I'd hung all the rectangles up then spent hours with a friend getting them just right. I them sewed some, got confused and once I got it close to right again I took this picture. (Can't have same fabric in same row...can't have same fabric in same quarter... can't have that one by that one...can't have that one with anything - get rid of it!)

And so that's what made is a less than quick quilt! But that's the bit I enjoy so it doen't matter.

Next installment will show my experimental freehand machine quilting - I'm still new to that.

Blessings, Cheri

I have a blog...

It wasn't that hard although like anything computers the design took up the time.

So what do I want my blog to be...
a record of my curious thought about life;
a way to share my creations with others who'll 'understand'
a way to share my life with those who care but are not with me.

the question is... will I stick at it, or will it be a flash in the pan!
We'll see...

So.. coming up shortly... the 'quick quilt' that I made for my boy's teach who's left school, expecting a baby girl.