Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Confessions of a Novice Blogger

The previous blog, posted yesterday, was in fact written on the last day of last term. I was intending to take just one more photo and then post it...
Then the  school holidays struck with force. Everyone was sick. Princess E, the introvert saw too much of us all, The boy, an extrovert, didn’t see enough of his friends, and  I was a grumpy sick Mummy (and didn’t feel better until end of the second week).

We did have some fun times – went swimming, maxed out all our cards as the library (20 books X four cards!),  everyone had some time with Grandma and Granda and plenty of games with Dad.

I got my assignment finished enough to relax about that at least and it’s handed in now.

Here’s a picture of the last day of school –Pyjama day for preschool  and a opposite Mufti day for the school kids.


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