Monday, 1 August 2011

Work Completed

My Man ran away with my computer on Wednesday (That was part of the deal... I get a mini machine and he uses it for work trips!). But... I couldn't write my assignment. So...  I wrote my self a list of things today and settled into finishing Princess E's duvet took me all day.

I finished it in time to throw it over her as she came in the door from school. She promptly grabbed a "fairy book" and read on her bed under it until tea time. She loves the soft backing, a random furnishing fabric I found for $4/m from Morelands Fabric Outlet, in Palmy.

I started by pin basting it, which turned into to red thread basting when I ran out of pins.
(210cm x140cm x 1 pin/ 10cm = lots of pins!)

As for the quilting. I tried free hand quilting around the hearts but wasn't happy with the results, let along the process! (Did I mention I don't like wrestling big quilts?) I'm attempting to give up the fantasies of free hand quilting on large items but the dream isn't dying easily...

So I got out the walking foot and with the 'roll up the sides' method, quilted wavy lines, roughly parallel, (that's why I made them wavy - so they could be 'roughly' and it not matter!)

Project completed - except for a wash which isn't going to happen soon with ran and storms for two weeks straight at least.

Although, the sun is attempting to show this morning!
Yay - I need the boost - feeling a bit fluy and am planning to write my assignment all morning - it's due after the school holiday, so I'm trying to get it done before, only today left...


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