Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Works in Progress

Here's a couple of things we've been working on:

Princess E decided she wanted a flowery duvet cover and as a quilter, I couldn't settle for a 'normal' one (the light cotton ones drive me nuts as the duvet moves around and doesn't lie flat). We headed for Spotlight and she bought these fabrics with 'her own money'. I've contributed an old woolen blanket and quilted it behind the top. The backing is coming soon. Hopefully it'll last longer that way as the soft flannelet isn't very strong or closely woven. I replaced the blanket with another one from the Hospice Op shop for $5.50. Much cheaper than woolen batting. More photos coming later...

The Boy wanted a piece of the action a while back and choose these fabrics as
a blanket for his 'babies'. I'll post a picture of them all tucked in sometime.

I'm at home in the thick of my assignment and extra kids at home, one 'sick'. The Boy coughed all night and had trouble waking up so we erred on the side of keeping him home. He's having a fantastic morning playing with Madam Four. We'll see how things go for the obligatory sleep/rest after lunch for all sick people.


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  1. Hi Cheri, lovely to meet you, thanks for popping by my blog! Wasn't it nice to see some sun today, but still cold crispy air.
    I couldn't email you back as you have a no-reply comment, sorry.
    Enjoyed my visit, off to light the fire!