Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Findings in practice and theory

Here a recent 'finding' from out local Sally Army Op Shop.

I love the way the threads are all displayed tidily and I don't have to rummage and untangle to get them. The big section is a bit chaotic at the moment but that's ok. The round container, old Shiseido loose powder, came with the sewing things I inherited from my Gran.
You can see old wooden cotton reels that came from Gran. I'm using the brown thread to quilt my cushions. It was similar weight as hand quilting thread and I've run it through a beeswax candle - not sure if that's done much though!
The orange purse I've had forever and keep my extra needles in it.
The container had dried flowers in it and a hanger , so you could hang it on the wall. The flowers went to preschool (except the prickly ones!).
It's not ideal as the glass isn't made to always be sliding in and out. I've got two of the brackets really loose. One day I may think of a better solution!

Theoretical findings...

I've been reading legislation for the first time. In my previous life as a science student it was my law student flatmates who did that. Now it's my turn. Today it was looking at amendments to the Child, Young Persons and Their Families Act 1989. I'm particularly interested in the amendments that allow for social service provisions for young people 17 and older.
There's a gap in the system from the time they turn 17 until the become an adult at 18 and then there's the assumption that they are adult at 18...need I say more!!
Interesting findings...


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