Thursday, 23 June 2011

It's my Birthday and I can study if I want to...

The day was spent at Massey University for a contact course for my Social work course.

It's not to heavy a load for the two days (another one tomorrow) and I enjoy the change of scenery (I only have 8 of these days for the year, the rest of the course is at home, extramurally).

I caught the early bus - out of the house by 7.15am so I can dedicate the day to study and avoid making breakfast and lunch :)

So being my birthday...

 I came home to a house full of excited children awaiting with balloons, cards, presents, chocolate, dinner cooked by hubby with soup by my friend and hot chips from the local, flowers from mum, cake from my Palmerston North Grandma (delivered complete with the required amount of candles:
I don't feel terribly old but there's enough candles to be impressive... 
 But not scary for long.
All the helpers for the blowing out.
(Quick to reduce spit factor :} )

33 sounds much easier to remember than the numbers before!

Blessings, Cheri

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