Friday, 24 June 2011

Beauty in Winter

Here's a picture of the flowers my mum gave me:
They are more gorgeous than the photos shows.
There's a white bulb I think is called Early Cheer with it's distinctive smell
(I always say it's the shortest day then from my birthday onwards it gets better!)
and something white with purple veins that looks like a floral brassica and mauve alstroemeria.
This photo show some light green flax with brownish purple edges.
It provides great structure to the bunch:

I came home to them in my lovely Crown Ducal Jug
which perfectly matched the flowers with it's creams and greens.

This Jug came from our local Hospise Op-shop along with 5 china mugs (made without handles) and number of serving platters and turrens with lids.
I love that way it's elegant without being OTT 'pritzy'. Juga nd mugs look great in summer filled with homemade lemon cordial on ice outside on a pretty tablecloth.

Best be off to bed as I have a 20 month old visitor for the night who may wake and cry for Mum. At home she can scream for a few hours so we'll see what she does for us!
With Uni exams over for her Dad, they're both having a well earned weekend away...but only 30 min drive in case they get called back.

Blessings, Cheri

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