Thursday, 9 June 2011

Sewing and Unpicking Cushions

Today is Thursday and this morning is my study-work time, as I tell the kids, one of whom is home with me today. Hopefully it will be boring enough for her to want to be at Preschool, and to want to be well behaved at Preschool. Madam Four is now one of the oldest left (in NZ you start school on your fifth birthday) and thinks she has a chance at being the boss!

On to the cushions mentioned above:
One day I'll tell you about my friend Chrisy sometime but for now: she made my Mum a quilt and I'm using the scraps to make some cushions to go with it.

This one I'm really happy with.
But...if you have a fine eye for detail you 'll see that squares are all equal, not allowing any seam allowance. I was purposely not taking hours to work things out and got my maths wrong. It was either chop the middle smaller or make other cushions with the triangles. I chose the former as I was so happy with the colours.

Cushion Two
I wasn't happy about the higher contrast of the triangles here but didn't trust my judgement and started sewing. I've now unpicked them and are thinking about using greens:
In the scraps from quilt there was only darker greens of sufficient size so I'm thinking about adding on from my stash (after all there's no rules, are there!). I'm leaning towards the one with gold and red leaves and flowers in the top left corner with the green that's in every corner (which comes from the quilt). Any suggestions?

Best go and use my study-work time to make notes for the assignment I'm writing about social work assessment. A somewhat dry topic but one I recognise as important. The main task is to not get distracted with the interesting bits in the books I ordered from the library!

Also to not get stiff cold fingers while  typing in my sleepout/study
on this almost frosty morning in the Manawatu.
Blessings, Cheri

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