Monday, 27 June 2011

My buzzy quilting friend.

I’d like you to meet my quilting buddy and check out her first quilt (finished now).

Her, another friend and I have been meeting most weeks to ‘do craft’, and she’s been working on this project for her textiles course at high school. Her family say's she's going to hang out with the 'Aunties' to learn woman craft!
Coaching her has been rewarding but not without its challenges! I told her not to bother reversing after every seem when piecing but that wasn’t the right advise for her school teacher. I’ve also had to work out when to encourage her to get it ‘perfect’ and when to say ‘Don’t worry, that’ll be fine” especially as the due date loomed.
She had to do it all herself with photos to prove it but...confessions... I did unpick a few bits to fend off the despair and frustration when things weren’t right!
Here she is mitring the corners of the binding.
I think she’s done well to combine such a range of technique for her first quilt. Some weren’t sure about using black on a babies quilt but I think it adds good balance. Using satin ribbon as a boarder was challenging (not that she knew it was harder to sew when she chose it!) but it adds sparkle to the quilt. It is for her newborn nephew and I’m sure it will be well used and loved.
Blessings, Cheri

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  1. Someone to guide and mentor is a wonderful gift - I value the time and energy my Aunt put into me and teaching me xxx